NAD C162/C272 System Combination

NAD has developed a
reputation for consistently good stereo products. Simply put, this
might be the best value in hi-fi. For the $1298 cost, this pair
certainly did not disappoint. Its immediacy, drive, and (most
impressively) its coherent and clean midrange delivery, is outstanding.
Nearly thirteen hundred smackers is no small sum, but if you are
looking for a long-lasting, true hi-fi pieces that deliver the goods,
this pair is well worth the investment. This is the new classic.

  • True Audiophile Sound Quality
  • Full-Featured Preamp Has A GREAT Phono Section Built-in
  • Extremely Reasonable Price
  • Sounds Best Paired Together
  • Needs More Publicity


  • Type: separate pre- and power-amplifier.
    Price: $1298 MSRP for the combination
  • C 272 Power Output: 2 x 150W Min. Continuous Power into 4/8 ohms, Bridgeable to 300W mono (8 ohms)
  • C 272 AC Features: User-upgradeable IEC Detachable Power Cable
  • C 272 Extras: Double set of loudspeaker binding posts to facilitate bi-wiring.
  • C 272 Design Features: High Current Holmgren Toroidal Power Transformer
  • C 162 Phono Capability: Switchable MM and MC Phono Input
  • C 162 Inputs: 6 Line Level Inputs, including 2 Tape In/Outputs with dubbing facility
  • C 162 Outputs: 2 Line Level Preamp Outputs; one is variable from 0dB to –12dB
  • C 162 Extras: NAD SR-5 Full System Remote Control
  • Both units feature 12V Trigger Input for remote Stand-by/On switching

Guide Review – NAD C162/C272 System Combination

gear designed in the UK, and built in varying locations, NAD are
masters at creating and marketing reasonably-priced equipment with
sound that can knock your socks off. The C 162/C 272
preamplifier/amplifier combination brings NAD’s design sense and value
proposition to the apex of audio componentry.

The flagship combo of the "Classic" line, these two deliver exceptional
sound quality. While I tested the pieces separately, they sounded best
together. The word "Synergy" comes to mind in this case. This pair
gives top-tier performance for mid-tier prices. These pieces just plain
get the musical essentials right.

The C 162 ($599 MSRP) is a great preamp on its own, featuring clean
signal delivery with ink-black backgrounds, easy-to-use design and
multiple connection options: inputs for the usual audio sources,
including the rare phono input, and two preamp outs (one variable), so
one can run a bi-amplified system.

The C 272 ($699 MSRP) is a 150 WPC amplifier that has the useful
feature of being bridgeable. In bridged mode, it delivers 300WPC. Its
circuit design allows it to change its output to suit the speakers to
which its connected. It offers two inputs one fixed and one variable,
so it can be accurately paired with other amps. Sonically, this amp is
unflappable: even with loud transients, one never senses that this box
is giving up. The C 272 offers particular advantages in the areas of
grain-free transparency, soundstage depth, and overall